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How to set up


How to set up a hammock and tarpaulin.

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These steps are suitable for hammocks both with and without a mosquito net.

Click here for tips on using storm rings.

Here's our video on how to set up - just the very basics...





FAQ: How high up the tree should I hang my hammock?

  • There's no correct height.
  • Once you've set up and put weight into the hammock, it will get lower for a while.
  • Using easy-release knots means it will only take a few seconds to undo & take up slack.
  • The lowest part of the hammock will be your backside.
  • The higher you set your hammock, the harder it is to get in.

FAQ: Should I set the head end higher than the foot end?

  • Not really; unless you have a sloping bed and you're used to it.
  • If you're in a hammock all night with one end higher, you can end up sliding down.

  • Before you tie up the mosquito net on jungle hammocks put your weight in the hammock.
  • If you tie the net up too tightly, you can tear the netting.
  • There is elastic fitted to prevent this but don't risk it.

FAQ: What's a ridgeline? Do I need one?

  • A ridgeline is when you hang the tarp over a length of cord to create an angle in it.
  • It makes for neater angles & allows you to make specific shapes.
  • Setting up with a denser concentration of trees makes this easier.
  • Useful if you want a windbreak at ground level (for when cooking).

FAQ: Do I need a mallet for the ground pegs?

  • Usually you won't.
  • Because they're quite thick, they even stay in soft damp ground without hammering.


Storm rings...

  • The rings act as a break in the absorbent material.
  • Ideally they should be vertical so water can run off the bottom curved edge.
  • You can also use a carabiner instead, which can be installed much more quickly.

3-layer Hornets...

Never use the ropes in the removable base to support the main hammock.

The ropes in the removable base are not to be tied to trees.

Just how fast can you set up with practice?

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