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Shipping & Returns

Handling time

Once payment has come through, we will pack your order and get it out as soon as we can. In the case of Royal Mail items, they will likely go on the same day that you pay if it's before 2pm but in some cases we can get an order out even if it's paid for at 4pm (no promises though). If an order is going out by courier, then we'll log the parcel with the courier and it will either be collected the following day or if it was too late in the day, the day after that. We will not be having courier items collected from us at weekends.

If you log in to see the status of your order, the chances are that it will only ever say Processing. This is because the only option we have to change it to is Delivered, which is a bit pointless. So if you want to know for sure if something has been posted, just ask.

Postal services

We use Royal Mail for lighter items (usually under 1kg) and a courier service for items 1kg or over. There is no hard and fast rule, but that is roughly how we do it.

Cleared payment

A payment is considered "cleared" after the money from the buyer has been deposited into the seller's account. If the buyer pays by PayPal, the payment may clear immediately. However if the buyer pays by cheque or money order, it may take several days.

Estimated delivery time

Delivery times will of course vary depending on where you are, the service we've used and how busy the delivery people are. We have no control over this, all we can do to speed things up is dispatch items as quickly as we can, so we do.


Faulty items accepted within 14 days of receiving it. We aim to make sure your experience with us is positive. If you should need to return an item, please supply your name & address and a brief description of the fault. Please don't just send something back unannounced, if you could let us know in advance, it really helps.

If for some reason you change your mind or just don't want what you have bought, the above policy applies also; send it back unused within 14 days of receipt for a full refund (minus original postage fee). If returning for a different size/colour/model, buyer pays all postage.

Check size first and ask for measurements if not sure.

International buyers

For international buyers, be aware that you might be charged customs/tax/vat for importing items from the UK now that it is not part of the EU. Any such fees are the buyer's responsibility and if you want to know what these charges might be, if your item is one of those chosen to be subject to fees, you should check your country's rates.

Remote locations

Sometimes when we're booking a parcel with a courier, just before the point where we click to pay, the site informs us that the address is regarded as a remote location. It then asks for a surcharge of £13 (in the case of FedEx) on top. By this point we are dealing with a ready packed and paid for parcel and there was no way we could have known about this in advance. So far we've paid this ourselves but it's too much to bear now so when it occurs, we'll have to hold back the parcel and ask you the buyer if you want to pay it or cancel the order.

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