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Using storm rings

Using storm rings/karabiners

When you buy a hammock from us, you can set it up straight away -  no need to buy any extras.  Almost all of our Hornet hammocks come with storm rings included but if you don't have any, we have them on the site.  We have climbing karabiners too.

What are they for?
When you're in a hammock under a tarpaulin and it rains, water can travel along the ropes attached to the hammock and get your hammock wet.  Storm rings or climbing karabiners create a place for the water to drip before it reaches the hammock.

How to use them
There are just two main points to remember: keep the rings close to the hammock and under the tarpaulin or rain will fall on the rope on the hammock side and still enter the hammock.  If you can position them vertically so that water can drip off more easily, all the better.  When using our storm rings, tie from the hammock to the ring and from the strap to the tree.  This will keep the ring close to the hammock.  Karabiners are a quicker option because you can have your ropes already looped, ready to attach to the karabiner.

A setup suggestion
This is one simple way to stop water coming down the ropes into your hammock. There are lots of ways you can do it, this is just one of them.  We say there's no correct way to do it - well that's not quite true. The ways that work are correct, the ways that don't are wrong.

A step further
Some people cut down the ropes threaded through the ends of the hammock and tie them into loops.  The loops are quite small, around 18".  This allows you to hook on a karabiner and attach either another rope or a whoopie sling.  Using karabiners, whoopie slings and tree huggers, you don't need to use knots when setting up. Our latest Hornet hammocks will come fitted with webbing that allows you to do both this karabiner setup and the long webbing setup also - one of our latest modifications.



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