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Who are we?

Thanks for wondering who we are!

We are... a few people with a passion for hammocks & tarps. We don't go in for cliche business talk like 'excellent range of products', 'human body sleeping support system' and we don't call Father Christmas the annual gift distributor either - it's completely irrelevant.  We try to tell it like it is.  Our hammocks, tarps & everything else we make may well be some of the best you'll come across. It would be ridiculous for anyone to claim their gear is the best, it's a purely personal point of view of course.

We are not... greedy profiteers, churning out cheap items with big price tags on from Chinese factories, feeding off the misery of the people who work there and damaging their health & lives.

Not greedy!

We employ a few people to make our items, and they work at their own speed and earn at least 3x what they would doing the same work in a factory.  Nice work if you can get it. Then we sell everything at as low prices as we can - as long as we can still afford to eat.

No factories!

Buyers of our gear have said that it is underpriced. This can of course trick people into thinking that items that cost more must be better. Well it's not necessarily the case - it is still possible to get good stuff at a good price. We just want people to get out there and have a good time in our kit - so we make it as accessible as we can.

We design everything ourselves & sometimes buyers give us their own ideas and we add them in. When we're not too busy we can make custom hammocks and tarps - but really, it's not often so best not get your hopes up until we recruit another top tailor (our head tailor really is a genius and he's the only one who does the custom work).

If you have any ideas for items or new features you'd like to see included, why not let us know and we'll see if we can do it.


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