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Who are we?

Thanks for wondering who we are!


We are... a couple of people with a passion for hammocks & tarps. Our hammocks, tarps & everything else we made before Gary did a runner were held in very high regard. People used to actually email us to say that our prices were too low. Have you ever done that to a company? To be fair, Gary did a fine job with production and yes, everything was underpriced, really. 

We just want people to get out there and have a good time in our kit - so we make it as accessible as we can.

We design everything ourselves & sometimes buyers give us their own ideas and we add them in. Ideas from customers have to be the best source, so if you've got one to share, let us know. 


But Really...

But what about us really? Well, we like hammock camping and just lying in a hammock in the garden on a sunny day. There seems to be a link between enjoying camping and the respect and appreciation of nature. So many people spend all day looking at a computer screen, only seeing trees through windows or in pictures on the screen.  There must be an instinctive need to just 'be' in a natural environment; away from plastic, metal & machine-made straight-edged surfaces, to escape the radiation from devices & wifi - to breathe natural air. Who doesn't want that?



We're not full-on 
preppers but we're pretty much ready with bugout bags & some essentials stashed away if ever the SHTF. We grow most of our own food and 'can it' (put it in jars so it lasts a long time). Like if the world gets plunged into war, or if the dollar crashes (that's when, not if). If there's a temporary reset while the world reboots, the preppers would be casually hiding out in the forests in hammocks & tents. We'd be joining them going in the opposite direction to all the people heading down to Tescos to beat each other to death over a tin of beans.

Clean Camping

We like our forests clean and we prefer streams & rivers to be unpolluted - is that too much to ask? We don't want to get political but it has to be said that forests, streams, rivers & the air in the UK are under threat from serious long-term 
contamination. The UK government is all in favour of fracking most of the country. This has caused enormous problems in the US and Australia, rendering water sources toxic, making people and animals ill (and if they drill anywhere near you, your property will plummet in value). 

Camping recharges you!

Wow, that last paragraph was a bit heavy. So, a positive note to end on: don't you find that even just going out to a forest for a few hours in your hammock recharges you? 
The deeper into the countryside you go, the farther you should be from the modern world. Is it something about the natural environment that does this to you?  Ever been a bit weird and actually hugged a tree while barefoot - and with your phone turned off (ok that might be too far for some people).  Do it, absorb the energy, link up with nature, feel better. 


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