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Hammock camping

What is hammock camping?
Hammock camping is camping without a tent.  Instead of setting up on the ground, you’re above it so it doesn’t matter if the ground is rocky, wet or sloping.  Hammocks cradle you, and tarpaulins protect you from the elements, creating a kind of airborne tent. 

Why choose hammocks & tarps over a tent?
It’s often a case of conversion from tents to hammock camping; some people try it once and sell their tent.  There’s no longer any need to look for decent ground, you can set up hammocks over water.  When you’re lying in hammocks you get a better view than from tents, and you can experience a gentle rocking motion that helps you fall asleep faster and can give you a deeper sleep (see study).  Do you like the sound of rain falling when you’re snug in bed?  Imagine rocking in your sleeping bag in your hammock under a tarpaulin while you listen to that pitter patter and also being able to look around a forest almost 360 degrees.  It can become addictive.

What do I need - how do I do it?
The hammock & tarpaulin combination is the setup of choice for many people.  More versatile than tents, hammocks require just two fixing points – usually trees.  All hammocks really need is two trees to set up between.  Tarpaulins can be set up just above hammocks using the same trees.  You peg out the corners of the tarpaulin with ground pegs, or you can tie off to anything nearby. 

Camping with hammocks doesn't require you to know any complicated knots or need any complex looking strings, hooks or dangly things.  You can buy a hammock and a tarpaulin and need no other equipment or special knowledge.  Then you can hang around doing nothing at all and enjoy it even while you’re asleep.

Who uses a hammock and tarpaulin?
We've supplied hammocks to scouts, armed forces, loads of campers, converted ex-tent users and even a honeymoon couple!  It is not something reserved for bushcraft experts and hardened outdoors enthusiasts.  If you've read this far, then you've proved your interest level in hammocks is high enough and will likely enjoy it.

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