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what else do I need

What else will you need?

If you're about to buy a hammock, you might be wondering what else you will need.  The short answer is nothing.  Whatever type of hammock you're buying, there will be enough webbing or rope with it to set up with.  If you're new to hammocks, you might not know that there are several ways to hang a hammock.  The easy way is to get the ropes & tie them around two trees.  This is what your hammock is all ready to do.

But nearly all of our Hornet hammocks come with webbing that has a pair of loops near the center.  This allows you to set up using karabiners and whoopie slings.  It might sound more complex to use more items but it can be more beneficial because whoopie slings allow you to adjust the hammock tension in under 5 seconds with no undoing of knots.  Even with one of our regular 'compact' hammocks, where there is no set of loops on the webbing, all you do is tie the rope into a small loop and attach a karabiner to it.


How the whoopie/karabiner set up works - explained in words...

You scrunch up the material in the ends of the hammock where the ropes go through, just like when you lie in it. If it's a Hornet with the extra loops, one karabiner hooks through both loops. To that karabiner you attach one end of a whoopie sling.  The other end of the sling will attach either to another karabiner, which is attached to some rope or a tree hugger around the tree.  You can do it without the other karabiner, you don't have to have two pairs of them.  Do this to both ends of the hammock (two karabiners, two whoopie slings).

The whoopie sling is a length of very strong amsteel blue, one end has a small fixed loop, which you tie at the tree end of your setup.  The other end is a large adjustable loop.  To adjust the size of the loop, you just get out of the hammock, hold the sling at the thick part and slide the adjustment part along - that's it, no knots or securing of ends.  The beauty of the whoopie sling is that when you put weight in the hammock, it grips itself and will not slip.  It will not adjust while you have weight on it.  Karabiners also do away with the need for knots.


Will you need extra rope?

Many experienced hammock campers prefer to use amsteel and webbing (tree huggers).  But there's nothing wrong with just good old rope.  If you know that the trees you are going to attach to are quite far apart or quite thick, then you might need extra rope.  One hefty tree can easily swallow up 3m of rope because you need to go around it twice. Don't get caught out without enough.  If you get there and don't have enough, you can't set up.



Any tarpaulin we supply will have at least 4 ground pegs (choose plastic or bamboo) with it, and plenty of cord to attach them to the tarp and also enough for a ridgeline.  A ridgeline is a tight length of cord between the two trees you're using for your hammock.  You put it above your hammock, drape the tarp over it and peg the tarp out.  So, as with our hammocks, you don't have to buy anything else - unless you want more pegs so that you can use all the attachment points on the edge of the tarp.

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