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Men's Spyder Patsch Tech Hooded Jacket M


Men's Spyder Patsch Tech Hooded Jacket -    Medium  


The jacket might be one of those where rain runs off the surface for a while but I'm not going to test this. Anyway, it's not waterproof. This model is not in production anymore, so it's one of those rare occasions where you can get a new, mint condition one.


For the photos, click this link to ebay, where you can pay more if you like (for obvious reasons).


  • The lining is a very plush, soft and fleece-like material. 

  • There's a cord round the hem you can tighten.

  • A cord round the hood.

  • A pocket on the chest.

  • A couple of pockets. 

  • Some pretty smart spider embroidery. 


Measurements (for the large):

Across the chest (armpit to armpit): 60 cm

Across the hem at the bottom: 60 cm

Shoulder down to hem: 68 cm

Armpit to end of sleeve: 56 cm

End of the sleeves: 11 cm


The measurements are here so that you can compare against something you own. Then you can buy, confident that it will fit, because you checked. 

Anyway, if you don't check and it doesn't fit, you'll have to pay for it to come back (also if you do check and it doesn't fit because you grew or shrank while it was on the way).


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