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Sargasso 2.5m x 3.9m Tarpaulin (ripstop)


I've only had this out one night, so the review is maybe a bit premature.

Package arrived reasonably quickly, well wrapped.

First impressions were good, materials used seem of decent quality, Tarp feels like it's fairly robust, and would take some winter camping abuse.

It has a slightly waxed feeling to it, it really felt like it would hold off the rain.

First hang.

I hung in the dry, early evening, it didn't rain through the night so not sure how it would fair in the rain, but I'm assuming that it would cope fine.

Supplied with the Tarp, are 6 Hanks of line, and 4 plastic pegs. I bagged the line as spare cord and used my own guy line with adjustable tensioners (which the lines supplied do not come with), I also ditched the pegs in favour my own metal pegs, but that's personal choice. It is a nice touch that they are supplied though.

The Tarp covered my hammock with plenty of room either side, with carabineers or storm rings close to your hammock there should be no reason for water to get close to your hammock with this over it.

Hanging the Tarp is simple (if you already know your knots) hang your ridgeline going through the sewn in loops and attach a prussic either end and that's it.... Sort of.
Here's where I have my first issue, there are only 2 points of contact at the ridgeline. Considering that it's just short of 4m, when it's hanging it sags away from the ridgeline in the middle section.
Considering the DD 3x3 has 5 points of contact across the ridgeline at 1m shorter it is a bit disappointing TW didn't include a central connection point for stability. For the sake of the cost of adding one extra contact point directly in the middle of the Tarp it's a big let down (at least for me).
No matter how much I fiddled with my guy line tension, or tension on the prussic knots at either end of the Tarp, I just couldn't get the middle to lift... In the end, I took down the ridgeline took the Tarp off, put the ridgeline back up and placed the Tarp over it. This (obviously) sorted out the issue, but somewhat of an annoyance as my preferred setup is to have the ridgeline above everything else.
That's the main issue I had, and it lead to a few minor issues related to changing out my standard setup, these are not a reflection of Tarp, simply an observation that you may need to improvise if you usually hang you're like above, or maybe the sag simply doesn't bother you... But I'll be adding another tie out to the top middle.

As for the rest of the Tarp, there are plenty of tie out points asking the edges to guy out in various setups, which is nice.
The enforced corners are well sewn and seem very strong and durable.
Which leads to the "doors", at first I hung it like a straight up "A" frame. Because it was dry, it gave me plenty of opportunity to try out some of the other options. So I changed through a couple of setups, there's great diversity potential.
I had it set up in a doors open configuration, nice for a breaker for mild breezes.
I then closed the doors in a cocoon formation, although it was no way stormy during my night, I feel like this is really where this Tarp might excell. The Velcro lined edges with the button really impressed me. Great add on, really felt secure inside, Though definitely not for those of you who may feel claustrophobic.
In the end, I closed the doors at foot end and opened them up at my head to enjoy the view.

During the night, it was very calm, the Tarp didn't make any rustling noise in the gentle breeze. There was little to no moisture on the Tarp in the morning with the mild temperature, so by the time I was packing up the Tarp was bone dry.
I had set up a DD snakeskin on my ridgeline and although the Tarp is 0.2m longer than the skin because it's narrow it rolled up thin letting each overhanging end be pushed up into the skin with ease.
It packs down slightly smaller than my DD 3x3, which is great, and, I think, if you are the type of person who can be bothered, you could roll it fairly small if you triple folded it and rolled it up in a normal stuff sack.

In all it's a very nice Tarp, as stated. I have that one issue with design, but the overallquality really does seem excellent.

Would I recommend this Tarp, short term, is definitely a yes, a long term review after a full season would be three true test, but honestly, I can't see any further issues with it.

Would i buy another TW product? Very well maybe, price and quality are good enough to compete with other retailers, they are a company worth considering.
Date Added: 08/03/2016 by justin barr
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