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Poncho-Tarp-Hammock 2.35m


Dimensions: 3.4m x 1.45m opened up
Weight: 1.2kg
Colour: Grey
Packed dimensions: 31 cm x 13 cm

A new dimension added to our Poncho-Tarp - it's now also a hammock.

As a poncho:

2.35m long and slightly longer at the back. There is a hood with a cord tightener and four press studs on the chest.

The reason this 3.4m long hammock does not drag along the floor behind you is because the extra length is folded up at both ends and held in place by a press stud and long strips of velcro. Because the poncho is wide, the sleeves only need to be short. There are press studs to help tighten it to your arms.

As a tarp:

It is 1.45m wide and 3.45m long. The hood will be in the middle, you can tie the neck adjuster around the hood to prevent water coming through. There are 6 attachment points. This tarp is long enough to cover even a 3m hammock.

As a hammock:

 This is a long hammock at 3.45m. There is rope already threaded. This rope does not drag around when worn as a poncho because it can be stowed in the folded up ends.

A fourth function is as a groundsheet.

The material is tough, windproof and waterproof. This is not the sort of item that is only good for outdoor concerts, we made this with the intention of it being fit to last a long time.

Note about the sizes: There is also a 2.65m version. When opened up, both versions are exactly the same size. As a hammock & tarp they are the same. The way we made the poncho sizes different is by giving them different amounts of folded up material at the ends.

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