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Zip-in Bivi Hammock Green


Dimensions: 2.8m long x 1.5m wide
Weight: 1.4kg approx
Colour: Green hammock, green base
Removable base layer

This is one of the most versatile items we've made.  Strictly speaking, it is not a Hornet hammock because it does not have mosquito net for the upper part.

It can be used...

  • to sleep on the ground with a waterproof base

  • as two separate hammocks

  • as a hammock and a tarpaulin

  • as an enclosed hammock with a waterproof base

We thought other bivvy hammocks on the market could be improved on. Some of them are like body bags, just regular hammocks made with waterproof material and a zip added.  With a few tweaks and a bit of imagination we came up with something that gives you far more options.

The base needs to be waterproof - we did that but made it detachable. The benefits of this are that when used as a hammock, the layer hangs loosely under the main hammock and provides some wind resistance and insulation. In rainy weather (when using a tarp), the waterproof base can protect against water splashing up. If the weather is fine, save weight and leave it at home. You can use the detached base layer as a hammock on its own too. Use it as a hammock to store your gear off the ground, maybe.

The corners of the hammock and base layer are tagged so you can peg out like a tent with or without the base. A further use for the base when detached is as a tarpaulin. We only suggest this as an emergency tarp though, as it is the same length as the hammock. A tarp needs to overhang the ends of the hammock.

You can lie in the hammock like any other 2-layer hammock, or you can get in between the layers (zipped). Unlike other bivvy hammocks, the material doesn't have to rest on you, we added aluminium bars, as used on our Hornet hammocks. This gives you much more room whether used as a hammock or on the ground. We have tweaked this hammock, just like our Hornets (this is not a Hornet hammock) and made the aluminium bars easy to remove by way of a velcro flap.

Weight limit when used lying on top on two layers is 120kg.

Weight limit when between the layers is 80kg because you're only on one layer.


- Measurements: 280 cm long 150 cm wide

- Colour: Green removable base, green hammock

- Hammock - Approx 1210g including webbing

- Support bars fitted for mosquito net (easier to remove)

- Stuffsack measures 33cm x 14cm

- Total weight of all items is approx 1.5kg


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