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Green Hornet Hammock 2.8 x 1.5


I bought the camp green hornet just over a year ago , 1. because lots of people go for dd and I wanted to be different , 2.the full material ends on upper part of the bug net , these are a great idea as with pitching your tarp and hammock the same way the breeze gets funnelled down between , these stop the wind blowing over you and also daylight peeking in early summer morning's.3 price for the quality cannot be beaten .
I have used this hammock every month of the year winter with all my insulation and winter bags etc , plenty of room for a diagnol lay and the bug net does make a noticeable temperature difference on a frosty night. The webbing/strapping on the hammock ends is real quality with two fixing points long or short.
Good stuff sack , a quality product start to finish , you won't be disappointed , I would product test anything from TW as the quality is remarkable.
Date Added: 01/29/2017 by simon barber
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