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3-Layer Hornet 2.8 x 1.5


Dimensions: 2.8m long x 1.5m wide
Weight: 1.9kg (inc all parts)
Colour: Green 
Weight limit: 120kg

The base of the hammock has two layers and they are breathable, not waterproof.  To make the bottom waterproof when you need it, with this hammock you attach the waterproof base layer. It also allows you to use it as a kind of tent on the ground (a sleep mat between the layers is recommended, for insulation).

The removable waterproof layer can be used to protect the underside of the hammock from rain splash, which also helps with insulation. It can be used as a separate hammock for your gear and it can even be used as a makeshift tarpaulin if you've gone out without your proper tarp. We say makeshift because it is of course only as long as the hammock.

When lying in the hammock, you are on two (or 3) layers of material, so you shouldn't be bitten from underneath by insects, dogs and bears can still do it though. Access to the hammock is by way of a double-headed zip running the full length each side of the hammock. This hammock can also be used as a regular hammock by just using it upside down.

You can insert a sleep mat underneath the base layer by way of a zipped section to stop it sliding out. The aluminium bars ensure room in the mosquito net is kept to the maximum. We've just added a feature to allow you to take out the aluminium bars, there's a velcro flap, just lift it and slide out the bar. The elastic is attached by two points for better stability and the elastic suspension cord keeps it taut & helps stop you ripping it.

There are 6 adjusters on the inside of the hammock to allow you to take up any slack that forms in the mosquito net. This hammock also has an arm hole at one end so you can reach out without opening the zip - useful when someone is handing you food and drink.

There is a line inside the hammock from end to end from which to hang items you want to reach easily. And because everyone takes a phone with them there's a pocket at one end big enough for your phone and a few other essentials that you don't want rolling around underneath you.

The stuffsack itself is a compression sack so that you can squeeze it down to take up as little space as possible. The rope (actually lightweight webbing) is already threaded and the bars fitted.


- Measurements: 280 cm long 150 cm wide

- Colour: Green with black mesh, removable base is green

- Hammock - 1450g including webbing in hammock, removable base around 450g

- Webbing in hammock has looped ends & two more loops near centre for different setup
- Comes with 2 x 4m straps with looped ends (as well as the webbing in the hammock)

- Support bars fitted for mosquito net (now easier to remove)

- Internal pocket

- Internal loop for your bag

- Hanging line within hammock end to end

- Double-layered bottom

- Section underneath where a sleep mat can be inserted

- Removable waterproof layer can be used as groundsheet, tarp, hammock

- 120kg weight limit

- Stuffsack measures 40cm x 16cm


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